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[short jane/thor thing or whatever]

Jane grips his hand tightly, as if he'll vanish the moment she wavers.

"Are you going to come back sooner, next time?" she asks, trying to joke through a voice thick with tears.

She glances up just in time to see the flicker of guilt in Thor's face. "Oh, no, I don't-- I didn't mean--" she fumbles, because she's made it awkward, she hadn't meant it as the barb it must have sounded like. (Except maybe she had, just a little. He'd promised.)

She's cut off by Thor's hand brushing her cheek, wiping away the tears that she's been trying so hard to hold back.

"I will," he says, his voice low and deep and solemn. (If she had the presence of mind, she might have made the obvious thunder connection.) "I swear to you, I will."

She looks at him and hopes, but can't quite bring herself to believe. "Ok."

They stay like that for a moment, both hesitating. Jane hates herself a little, for making this even more awkward than it already was, she always does this, god--

She's jerked from her thoughts when Thor holds his other hand out to her. She's got half a mind to grab that one, too, but he only extends his pinky finger.

Her confusion must be obvious on her face, because Thor smiles softly, a slight mischievous twinkle in his eyes, and says, "I am told that this is the most sacred of promise rituals in all of Midgard."

That startles a laugh out of her, wet and a little hysterical, but she wraps her pinky around his. 

"Yeah," she says. Thor's smile widens, and, she figures, she at least might be able to believe in that. "Yeah."